Marine Insurance Claims Assessment

E-Marine Survey - Insurance Claims Survey

What is the surveyors role with the claimant and the insurance underwriter?

While we are appointed and our fee is paid by the underwriter, we maintain an independent and impartial role with both parties.

  • Act on the underwriters instructions and engagement
  • Survey without prejudice to the underwriters liability
  • for the circumstance, cause and extent of the loss
  • Request and appraise repair quotations on instruction
  • Provide loss adjustment service on instruction
  • Provide reports without prejudice to either party
  • Report any third party liability or salvage value
  • Aim for a fair settlement based on the facts

We have been engaged by Australian, European and North American underwriters for 14 years.

Scope of our assessment reports

The scope is specific to our instruction from the underwriter;

  • Engagement and instruction
  • Parties attending the survey
  • Identify the claimed damage
  • Quantify the cause of loss
  • Documents reviewed
  • Vessel Particulars
  • Background history
  • Survey findings
  • Repairs and quotations
  • Summary evaluation

Some examples of claim related losses

  • Storm, grounding, sinking
  • Stability and foundering
  • Structural design issue
  • Batteries, 12 VDC wiring
  • Rudders and steering
  • Decay and corrosion
  • Salvage and retrieval
  • Fire, explosion, collision
  • Machinery, fuel systems
  • Valves, hose, bilge pumps
  • 240 VAC electrocution
  • FRP grid liners, keel bolts
  • Mast, rigging and sails
  • Land or sea transport