Marine Insurance Survey

EMarine Survey - Marine Insurance Survey

What conditions effect insurance appraisal?

  • Condition of the hull above and below the waterline
  • Collision, grounding, laminate, decay or corrosion
  • Structural integrity and design of the hull to keel join
  • Rudder and steering gear, with emergency steering
  • Decks, fittings, and design of cockpits for powerboats
  • Condition of the machinery, systems  and fuel system
  • Integrity of valves, pumps, hose, clamps, vented loops
  • 12 VDC, batteries, security, switches, wiring for fire risk
  • Compliant 240 VAC to avoid electrocution or fire risks
  • Adequacy of the fire fighting equipment and alarms
  • Compliant LPG installation, bottle, locker and detectors
  • Age and condition of the mast, rigging and shroud plates
  • Adequate safety equipment and ground tackle

When is a report requested?

Insurance surveys are requested and paid for by the owners. Your insurance provider will request a survey normally every 5 years or when there is/or

  • a change of ownership or insurance company
  • a change of the intended use or the area of operation
  • following any significant repair or modification

What is the scope of our report?

The report is provided to underwriters with

  • Information on the design and construction
  • Structural and overall cosmetic condition
  • Identification of machinery, systems and equipment
  • Safety for the intended use and area of operation
  • A current market valuation for insurance appraisal

The report is usually based on an out of water survey only. No in water survey, machinery or systems trial is included.

  • It is not provided for any third party pre-purchase evaluation
  • The vessels design and build are not certified to any standards