Marine Non-destructive Testing

E-Marine Survey - Non-destructive Testing

What is a Marine Non-Destructive test?

Visual Test

This part of the marine non-destructive test includes

  • Visible spectrum,
  • visual indicators (dye penetrant) and
  • the infrared spectrum (sensing temperature variation in radiated heat from discontinuity within a structure).

Acoustic Test

This part of the test looks at the ultrasonic plate thickness testing and percussion sounding where we use a tapping method to test thickness.


Moisture, battery load and polarity meters


Examination of metals, fastenings, welds, joints and fittings


Infrared thermography, radiographic, finite and laboratory testing contracted to specialists in NDT


Pre-purchase condition surveys include sounding, moisture, battery and polarity testing.  Cygnus Ultrasonic multiple-echo gauge for steel, aluminium, glass and other plate materials.


Independent marine mechanics are contracted for:

  • CPU analysis of electronic common rail diesels
  • CPU analysis of fuel injected petrol engines
  • Cylinder compression testing to specification
E-Marine Survey - Non-destructive Testing
E-Marine Survey - Non-destructive Testing