Our Surveys

What is a professional marine surveyor?

A marine surveyor provides a service based on:

professional training, expertise and proficiency,

knowledge of the fundamentals of yacht design,

construction, systems, equipment and machinery.

Shipwright Surveyor qualifications?

Michael Elton is a trade-qualified shipwright of 30 years

TAFE NSW Cert IV qualified marine surveyor of 15 years.

Level One Qualified Shipwright Surveyor 007/92

Shipwright & Boatbuilders Association of NSW

How to engage E Marine Survey?

Please select the service to fit your requirements.

For pre-purchase, your response is requested to:

Your boatowner experience or your first purchase?

Vessel design, construction, year, survey location?

Is the machinery and rig service history available?

Vendor or brokerage link to the online sale listing?

What is the cost of our surveys?

Our initial response to your inquiry is by phone,

followed by an email survey proposal, based on:

the vessel design, construction, year and location,

machinery service history and the scope of survey.


For all inquiry please contact Michael Elton 

We look forward to receiving your instruction.

E-Marine Survey - Pre-purcahse Condition Survey

Pre-purchase survey

E-Marine Survey - Insurance Appraisal Survey C & V

Insurance survey

E-Marine Survey - Insurance Claims Survey

Claims assessment

E-Marine Survey - Valuations


E-Marine Survey - NDT non-destructive testing

Non-destructive testing

E-Marine Survey - Consultant