Our Surveys

What is a professional marine yacht surveyor?

A marine yacht surveyor provides a service based on professional training, expertise and proficiency,

knowledge of the fundamentals of yacht design and construction, machinery, systems and equipment,

Michael Elton is trade-qualified shipwright of 30 years, and a qualified marine surveyor of 15 years.

What types of survey do we carry out?

  • pre-purchase condition marine surveys,
  • insurance, condition & valuation surveys,
  • marine insurance claims assessment,
  • valuations for insurance, finance, legal, customs,
  • non-destructive testing and analysis for condition,
  • consultancy for repair, refit and new construction,
E-Marine Survey - Pre-purcahse Condition Survey

Pre-purchase survey

E-Marine Survey - Insurance Appraisal Survey C & V

Insurance survey

E-Marine Survey - Insurance Claims Survey

Claims assessment

E-Marine Survey - Valuations


E-Marine Survey - NDT non-destructive testing

Non-destructive testing

E-Marine Survey - Consultant