Machinery Survey

Scope of machinery survey

Our pre-purchase surveys include the machinery, associated systems and the running gear. Identification and condition during the in water survey, operation and performance on trial.

We work with marine mechanics for high performance common rail diesels and EFI petrol. 

  • identification, cylinders and capacity
  • make, model, serial numbers, hours
  • kilowatt, metric horsepower / rpm rating
  • controls and neutral safety switch
  • tachometer, temp, volt, oil, boost pressures
  • shaft drive mounts, glands, bearings, alignment
  • seawater valves, strainer, grating and pump
  • exhaust design, waterlift, muffler and hose
  • heat exchanger, coolant, thermostat, hoses
  • steering, coupling alignment and propellers
  • fire suppression, fuel and air vent shutoff
  • natural aspiration/turbocharged/aftercooled
  • specification, rating and date of manufacture
  • service history, including seawater service
  • electronic controls, cruise, troll, idle modes
  • fuel tanks, fillers and vents, filters, valves
  • sail/stern/pod drives, mounts, bearings, seals
  • heat exchanger, oil, fuel and aftercoolers
  • manifolds, risers, transom assemblies
  • natural ventilation or AC/DC blowers
  • auxiliary bilge, fire, hydraulic, compressors
  • structural fire protection for commercial
EE Marine - Plate Alloy 7.4m insurance survey
E Marine - White Cap 40 sea trial
E Marine - Machinery

Operation and performance on trial

  • location, duration, weather, sea conditions
  • oils and coolant verified prior to cold start
  • fuel, oil, coolant, seawater or exhaust leaks
  • hull, shafts, propellers and load condition
  • idle rpm, oil pressure and exhaust emission
  • WOT temp, oil and turbo boost pressures

Independent mechanics analysis and testing

  • computer analysis of electronic fuel injected
  • common rail diesels and petrol engines
  • cylinder compression test and oil analysis
  • manometer and exhaust emission analysis