Marine Consultant

E-Marine Survey - Consultancy

Our local network of marine trade and service providers

  • marinas, boatyards and slipways,
  • marine mechanics and electricians,
  • shipwrights and boatbuilders,
  • riggers, canvas and sail makers,
  • stainless and aluminium fabricators.

Our marine consultant services

  • repair, refit, new build supervision
  • quality control and cost analysis
  • pre-delivery and warranty surveys
  • commissioning of new vessels



Our marine industry experience

  • Shipwright & boatbuilder over 30 years
  • Ocean sailing and commercial seafaring
  • Pre-purchase & insurance surveys since 2004
  • Claims, Australian, European, USA underwriters
  • Insurance, finance, legal, customs valuations
  • NDT of fibreglass, timber, steel and composite
  • Expert witness reports and court testimony
  • Commissioning and warranty surveys new vessels
  • Surveyor for 12m  yacht and 15m commercial vessel
  • Apprentice training; former part-time TAFE teacher
E-Marine Survey - Consultancy
E-Marine Survey - Consultancy
E-Marine Survey - Consultancy