Mast and Rigging

Our pre-purchase survey includes the mast and  rigging from the deck.
Internal survey of the maststep, compression, tie rods and shroud plates.

A rig inspection aloft is recommended prior to offshore navigation. We provide this service or arrange a riggers inspection.

Condition of standing rigging for insurance

The factors effecting insurance are the age, use and condition. The industry norm for cruising yachts is 10 years; less for racing yachts and multihulls, at the discretion of a professional rigger and the underwriter.

Scope of a rig inspection and report
  • identification, masthead, fractional, sloop, ketch or multihull
  • aluminium, carbon or timber masts, furlers, boom, gooseneck
  • in-line, aft-swept, diamond, superior and inferior spreaders
  • keel/deck step, compression, tie rods, shroud plates, fastenings
  • SS 1×19, dyform, rod or synthetic, continuous or discontinuous
  • turnbuckles, swage terminals, bow, backstay and shroud plates
  • masthead, spreader, shroud fittings, terminals, lights, aerials
  • running rigging, halyards, topping lifts, reefing and control lines
E-Marine Survey - Pre-purchase Condition Survey

A rigged mainsail and  jib are normally raised  during the engine trial. The complete sail wardrobe is usually identified only, and a sail makers inspection recommended.