Pre-purchase Condition Marine Survey

EMarine Survey - Insurance Assessments

Why engage E Marine Survey?

We have a clear focus on the objectives of pre-purchase marine surveys. Professional training, knowledge and experience to provide our services,for comprehensive condition reports to assist with an informed decision.

Our database of marine surveys since 2004, includes:

  • most production fibreglass and many custom-built vessels,
  • composite, fibreglass, timber, steel, aluminium construction,
  • power & sailing yachts, multihulls and commercial vessels.

Survey is made in three parts or stages, which include:

  • Static in water in a marina berth with shore power, includes vessel particulars, safety, structural and cosmetic condition, condition and operation of the machinery, systems, equipment.
  • Out of water on a slipway or travel lift for keel yachts, includes external condition of the hull above and below the waterline, running gear, thru-hulls and the integrity of keels and rudders
  • Trial with clean hull, running gear and adequate fuel, includes operation, performance and associated systems reference the scope of machinery. The mainsail and jib, mast and rigging

Scope of our pre-purchase condition survey reports

Our primary role is the safety of a vessel and its crew, which includes:
identification, structural and cosmetic condition in and out of water,
condition and operation of the machinery, systems and equipment, and
safety for the intended use, area of operation and insurance appraisal.

  1. Introduction for the engagement, scope, conditions and limitations of access; classification of the survey findings and standard abbreviations,
  2. Vessel particulars for the design, build, year, dimensions, state, federal and national registration; hull identification number, machinery model and serial numbers,
  3. Construction for the laminate and core schedules (if known), timber scantlings, metal plate thickness and a general arrangement plan or description,
  4. Hull & deck external for above and below the waterline, decks, cockpit and superstructure; safety for the structural and cosmetic condition,
  5. Hull & deck internal for the structural and cosmetic condition,
  6. Machinery and generators identified for their condition, associated systems and parts;
    trial and mechanics compression and electronic fuel injection system analysis,
  7. Thru-hulls and valves listed under their internal and external locations; bilge pumps, alarms, freshwater, desalinators, heads, holding tanks and plumbing systems,
  8. 12/24 VDC, 240/415 VAC, AV & IT
    12/24 VDC, batteries tested, switches, charging, regulation, high-amperage circuits;
    240/415 VAC, RCD circuit breaker and polarity for compliance to Australian standards;
    Audio Visual, AM/FM/USB radios, video television monitors and satellite reception;
    Information technology for digital control and monitoring network systems,
  9. Masts, rigging and sails for their age, condition and service history (if known),
  10. Rudders, steering, autopilot, thrusters, trim tabs, electrohydraulic and gyro stabilisers;
    joystick controls for dynamic positioning and mooring,
  11. LPG and firefighting for compliance. LPG, CO2, smoke and fire detection alarms;
    fire extinguishers, fire hose and blankets, engine fire suppression, fuel and air shutoff,
  12. NavCom, VHF, HF , AIS and satellite transceivers; navionics for GPS, depth, sonar, radar and video cameras; computers, chart software, tridata, wind, EPIRB and PLB
  13. Safety equipment, liferaft and ground tackle to State and AMSA regulations; NSCV for commercial vessels and YA safety categories for cruising and racing  yachts,
  14. Summary condition for the intended use, area of operation and insurance appraisal,
  15. Limitations of liability for the scope, third parties, warranties and variations,
  16. Appendix 1 for selected A5 survey photographs,
  17. Appendix 2 for certificates of currency and service history.

Our comprehensive report is provided to assist with an informed decision.

E-Marine Survey - Pre-purchase Condition Survey

The survey findings include recommendations, based on our experience,
standard installation and operating procedures, and Australian Standards.

The final report is emailed within three business days.

DVD of survey photographs and bound report are sent by post.
(photographs can also be shared via a Dropbox folder).

Our service extends to advice on repair and refit, and
general boating information during your ownership.


Call Michael on 0412 202 670 for your pre-purchase survey